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Self Mutilation via Meat Tenderizers [Oct. 7th, 2004|02:17 pm]
♥ tiffany ♥♥♥
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SIGH I have nothing better to do because I have no life this evening so I'm going to tell you about my day mmkay;

<3Bus-I sat with Lauren and found out her party's off because Christina's drunk mother called the cops and said there was gonna be an illegal rave going on. Shee-ite in a bucket. I was really excited too. I wonder what Jake is gonna do with 600 glow sticks now that there's no party.....<3

<3Before first bell-I just hung around in the hall as usual. I talked to Kristina and Andrew and Ian and Mark and Cody and yeah. Same ol' same ol'. I love that we get time in the morning to chat with our buddies :D haha 'chat' is such a queer word. Makes me think of horses eating hay ;D
Funny things were said that I would love to repeat so you could laugh about them too but I can't remember much so :( pffft. All I can really remember is Cody's sick form of self mutilation: "I was mad and I took a meat tenderizer to my arm." haha. He was just kidding but it was still funny. Kristina kept calling Mark a liar for some reason. I think it has to do with Chris (his boyfriend) and Ian and him. I HAVE NO IDEA THOUGH. I'm not gonna try and make sense of it all. DRAMA DRAMA WHOOOOSH.

<3Gym-We don't have to change our clothes on days that aren't fitness days anymore because we're doing archery which doesn't require sweatpants. YESSSS. I <3 McKernan. I'm a sucky marksman. haha. I hit the target, like, ONCE. The rest of the time I spent trying to get 1985 out of my head. GODDAMN THEMMM. Sarah L and Katie something were singing it with Heather S and it got stuck in my headdd.

<3English-Everyone kept yelling at me to raise my hand to volunteer to read my story to the class, because if we got 12 people to volunteer, Mr. Repucci would postpone the test to next week. I just kept saying "I'd rather take it now and get it over with." Which if logical, in my opinion, but everyone else was like GRR TIFFANY GRRRR READ YOUR STORY GRRRR. They got 12 people without me, which means we now have to listen to 12 boring short stories instead of taking a test-which I'm sure I would've aced anyway...

<3Ec-What can I say? I hate Economics. NOT FUN. BORING. STUPID. VANDYKE. GRRRRRRRR.

<3Phys Scie-Always exciting, because Logan is always trying to push Mr. Jacobs buttons. But Mr. J doesn't get mad, he just laughs and seriously tells Logan to focus. Which never works. It's wicked funny. I GOT NOTHNG ACCOMPLISHED TODAY IN THE COMPUTER LAB LIKE WHOA. My graph on GOMOOS never loaded so me and Logan just thumb wrestled and talked to Tyler about Mission Impossible and to James. Goodies.

<3Study Hall 1-I like this study hall. I get to talk to Tucker and watch Star Wars, because Ms. Jorday is da bomb. FUN FUN.

<3Lunch-It was unusually not loud. It wasn't quiet-it was just not loud. Considering how Andrew Stewart was sitting with us, it was unsually not loud. I smeared mustard on his white shirt. ;o I'm a BAD GIRRRL. Sorry Andrew, love you <3

<3Study Hall 2-I just kinda read. I'm reading a good book, so it wasn't too bad. It's about a fat chick with a family of skinny people who is trying a diet (which is more like anorexia) and making out with some kid named Froggy. OOH DRAMA. It's actually really good. It's called The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things. <3
<3Algebra 1-We had a strict sub, but she was so gullible that she let me sit with Matt and Kayla and Brittany and Kristina because "I have trouble with linear equations and I need some help from my friends". Help: Talking about Matt's WIDE SET VAGINA <3 and fooling around. haha. yesss.

<3French-We had a test, then I caught up on my book. Hmm. EXCITING TO THE MAXXERZZZ. Eh-whatever. Mme. Hennessey's not too bad. She's pretty cool to an extent.
YEAHHH then I got home THEENDkthxbye<3Tiffany

[User Picture]From: nikkee_raynee16
2004-10-07 10:44 pm (UTC)
im caught up in the mark ian chris drama too
but dont worry everything will change tomorrow
i can guarentee ♥ love u
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