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These are your children on drugs. [Oct. 6th, 2004|01:26 pm]
♥ tiffany ♥♥♥
[feelin a little |crazylooopy]
[i'm hot for |KEOKIII-umm....song #4 on KeokiClash??]


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Blue headband with red apples staring at me menacingly. [Oct. 5th, 2004|07:20 pm]
♥ tiffany ♥♥♥
[feelin a little |jubilantjubilant]
[i'm hot for |Eminem-Just Lose It♥]

*SIGH* why do I have to be the only colorful one in the whole damn school?
I feel like such a weirdo sometimes....<3
*sigh**angst angst**emo emo* :D
I really need to start taking my camcorder/digital camera out with me when
I go places. It would make for interesting pictures. I wanna be cool like
Danielle and have pictures in my livejournal :p
Today I really realized how much I appreciate all of my wonderful friends :) <3
I'm feeling so....happy? that I have my friends. It's a good feeling to have
5 people say hi to you in the hall when you walk by. :)
Yeah, it's all good in the hood.
But at the same time I feel so akward being so NEON and BRIGHT and HEY LOOK
AT MY LEGWARMERS. Ya know? No-you probably don't. You're not a walking
glowstick. :9
Hmph. Whatever. <3Tiffany
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It's my perogative. bitch. [Oct. 1st, 2004|09:58 pm]
♥ tiffany ♥♥♥
[feelin a little |chipperfriendly. <3]
[i'm hot for |My Perogative-Britney fucking Spears]

The game was chouette tonight. <3 I wish Ash could've been
there!! :( It would've been SOO much different if she was. :)
Let us see let us seeee....
I went there with Logan-and I had my wand-and it has batteries now!!!
YESSSAH. <3 It makes a saweeet noise. My wand was like-down Brett's
pants and up my shirt and, like EVERYONE had it by the end of the game
haha. Yeah. I saw a lot of my friends. It makes me realize that I have a
lot of friends <3 :)
I got tackled a lot too, haha. Andrew went into this fit of rage and
totally tackled me to the ground and was running into me and stuff-it
was funny. I totally got ass raped a couple times ;D haha j/k.
I had a really good time though. I hung out with Andrew and Tucker most
of the time. They're cool shit <3
Then towards the end of the game I was with Paul, his super hot sophomore
friend with super hot braces Cody ;), and that GIRL that Pfeffer's going
out with, and Pfeffer.
I found out why Pfeffer sounds so different...his voice totallllly changed!
It's deep now. Like, dude. <3
Then ladidadi da.....hmmhmhmhmhmhmhhmmmm....what else? Oh yeah-IflashedPaulandCody
THE END BYE <3Tiffany
haha-it's so different flashing straight guys because it sooo not like
Mark and Dan and other gay guys-'cause straight guys LIKE it. :o They were
SUPER friendly after that little incident behind the bleachers...ahem.
Anyway-gotta go bye love you bye <3Tiffany.
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Truffle Shuffle Waffle Biscuit [Sep. 29th, 2004|03:57 pm]
♥ tiffany ♥♥♥
[feelin a little |amusedteehee]
[i'm hot for |ICP-Homies]

How well do you know me?
Take this quiz yo
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YOU MAKE ME WANNA LALA [Sep. 26th, 2004|06:08 pm]
♥ tiffany ♥♥♥
[feelin a little |crazyI love viagra]

I had oodles of fun today <3
Me and Logan first went down to the China Yan and then to
West Coast Video. And then we went to Cafe to see if anyone
we knew was there, and Kristina and Julia and Matt were there
and it was exciting <3
Then Dan and Mark and Ian came and that was even more exciting.
Haha-yeah. I'm such a crackhead. Lots of fun stuff went on but
I can't remember most of it ;9
Then after Julia and Kristina and Matt left :(, me and Ian and
Mark and Dan went to Dan's house and hung out in his basement
talking about things we've mastrabated with...<3 I love them <3
Ian got WICKED embarrassed but it was fun.
So yeah that was a good time. Mark thinks I make a good
pillow because of my boobs so we just kinda layed around and
watched Invader Zim with my boobs out. Fun <3
I don't know why Mark and Dan like them so much if they're
Ian and Dan look cute together when they cuddle <3 They
should get together <3<33
Then we had to leave. :(
And so I came home and wrote this! :)
I was very turned on haha<3 if there was a straight guy there
I probably would've been laid. :o ;D

you know you want this

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(no subject) [Sep. 3rd, 2004|03:29 pm]
♥ tiffany ♥♥♥

Yeah that's right. My new journal is friends only.
Because bad things happen when it isn't. I've
added all you cool people who were on my old friends
list, but if you weren't on it before and now you
want to be because I'm cool like that, comment and
I'll add you.

<3 Tiffany
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