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i would like fries with that. - ♥♥DON'T FLINCH [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
♥ tiffany ♥♥♥

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i would like fries with that. [Oct. 14th, 2004|06:57 pm]
♥ tiffany ♥♥♥
[feelin a little |coldwhy don't you talk to me?]
[i'm hot for |welcome to my life]

some more surveys. (doesn't my icon blow your mind?) <3

What song ..
Makes you happy: ces soirees la
Makes you sad: music sounds better with you-daft punk
Makes you think about life: welcome to my life-simple plan
Remind you of your crush: love of my life-northern lights
Has A Personal Meaning to you: i'll fly with you-gigi d'agostino
Describes your life right now: why haven't I told you-prima donna ft. linda scott
Makes you hyper: speed racer (porno remix)-superstar dj keoki
Makes you cry: castles in the sky
Calms you down: freiburg v 3.0-superstar dj keoki
Makes you feel free: see me climb-stealth
Makes you smile even when you're sad: dr. jones-aqua
Is your overrall favorite: close to you-fun factory
Can you listen to over and over again: 8 easy steps-alanis morissette
Are you listening to now: baby it's you-jojo

How many classes do you have in a day?: 10
Any classes in particular you like?: science, economics, french
Any classes in particular you loathe with all your being?: english, algebra
How long are each of your classes?: 50 minutes-study halls 25
Do you skip classes, punk?: not really. I skip study hall sometimes...but ms. jordan doesn't really care. YEAH I'M A REBELLL<3
When does your first class start?: i don't really know
When does your last class end?: 2:30
In which classes do you see your friend?: 1,2,3,4/5,6,7,9, and 10th period
Lastly, do you call them "classes", "periods", or something else?: classes
What time does your lunch period start?: i don't know
Do you sit with anybody in particular?: christina, kristina, andrew, tucker, tyler, danielle
Do you eat the school's lunch or bring your own?: eat there's
How much does your school lunch cost, if you buy one?: 3.00 for what I eat. 2 cookies and a water.
School food sucks, right?: most of the times.
Do you get to leave campus during lunch to eat somewhere else?: nope
What about those lunch ladies?: they make fun of me.
Any fights break out during lunch?: none that were serious, but just funny fights at my table.
Do you eat lunch or painfully wait until the lunch period's over?: i eat and talk
Gossiping and all that dirty stuff
Has anyone spread rumours about you before?: HAVE THEY! yeah they do. there's one I heard about me smoking pot.
Has there ever been a big fight between two of your friends?: i think so
And they made you pick sides?: yeah
Have you ever cheated?: not yet
Are you a prep, jock, emo, outcast, geek, or something else?: you tell me.
What's your OP about your princepal?: he's coool??
Any weird quirks about any of your teachers?: mr. gile is psycho. mr. jacobs is sooo awesome.
Ever been given an actual pop quiz, like you see on TV?: nope
Ever sworn at your teacher?: on accident...
Ever made out in school?: not really. i've kissed people but never made out.
Ever seen anyone else making out in school?: all the timeee!!
Ever heard kids making racist jokes for pure comidic relief?: yeah sometimes
Are there actual gangs at your school?: well there's my gang...j/k
Any huge, cool fights break out before?: none that i've witnessed
Hey, dude--FIRE DRILLS. Hate or love?: LOVVVVE i get to miss class.
Is your student class predominantly white?: yeah
Streaked before?: nope
Left school early because you felt like it?: nope
Been given a referral before?: a detention? yes.
Kicked someone's ass, only to be escorted outside by the princepal?: nope
Ever started a rumour out of someone?: never-i think.
...and they never found out it was you?: n/a
Gone to school drunk/stoned/pantless?: not really no
Are there any actual 'blondes' at your school?: yes
Have you bullied someone before?: nooo.
Been bullied yourself?: yeah
Ever pulled a prank on a teacher?: nah
And they never found out who it was?: n/a
Ever threatened to bomb the school?: nooooooo
Ever feigned illness to skip school?: yes
That's all, punk. Got anything to say?: nope.
Die Freunde
How many friends do you have in school?: a lot
How many are girls?: a lot
How many are boys?: a lot
How many are from a different country?: i don't think any are...
Do you have any friends from elementary school?: yeah
Are your friends generally shy or outgoing?: outgoing
Favourite friend?: don't make me pick
Least favourite friend?: don't make me pick
Do you have frieinds in school that you refuse to see out of school?: some refuse to see me-but i never refuse to see anyone.
How many classes do you have with your friends?: all of them
Made any new friends in the past year?: yes
Lost any friends in the past year?: ehheaha...maybe
Ever had any friends with benefits?: i have a few actually
...that's great, right?: yeah
Are your friends actually good in school?: i don't ask about their grades...
Are any of them in sports?: one or two
Do you secretly hate your friends?: OH YES TOTALLY
Grade crap! Hooray!
So...how are your grades?: a,b,c's
What's your highest grade?: a
Lowest grade?: c
Which class[es] are you guaranteed to get an A+ in?: french, gym
Any classes that are literally impossible to get a good grade in?: algebra, economics
What's your grade in...math?: c
English?: b
Science?: b-
Do you actually care about your grades?: yes
Ever gotten a reward because of your grades?: not realllyyyy...
How about a punishment, you emo-driven loser?: yeah-but no on the emo driven loser part.
Does your grade system have an F+? Mine does.: nope
How about an A+? Mine doesn't. But my school's retarded, see.: yes
Do you deserve the grades you're getting right now?: yeah
Are grades meaningless?: not really
Why don't we have a grade E? That'd be cool.: yeah-it would be
For some personal stuff...
What grade/year are you in?: class o 2008
What's your name?: Tiffany
Age?: 14
Marital status?: n/a
Current location (no, you can't say "in my pants")?: IN MY PANTSSS ooooh burneddd
What's your personal OP about school?: it's cooolll?
Can you speak any foreign languages?: i can sort of speak french
...crap, I ran out of ideas.: okay
I guess this is the end, then.: bye.